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Colonial House INC.

Type: Web Design
Technologies used:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • jQuery
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Colonial House INC. is a nonprofit located in Lancaster, PA. They were looking for someone to update their outdated website while remaining easy to use for their users. I recommended a mobile first site while prioritizing client testimonials that would help increase conversion rates.

The Process


I began with an audit of the current site to priortize information that would be the focus of the mobile version. User personas helped to determine how the site was likely to be used as well as the major needs of the site.


After our research, we began to draw wireframes for several pages to show where the most important components would go. Communication is the foundation for great design, so it was important to receive feedback on our designs from both stakeholders and users. This also helped to prevent any surprises during the development. After several iterations and revisions, the client signed off on the design.